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Dental Veneers in North Vancouver

If you aren’t quite satisfied with the shape, colour or alignment of your teeth, veneers offer a non-invasive cosmetic solution to enhance your naturally beautiful smile. Veneers are aesthetically appealing and functional, which makes them very effective in repairing your most visible teeth to create a realistic, radiant look. 

Veneers at a Glance 

Veneers resemble real tooth enamel so closely because they’re made from a very thin material that is permanently attached to your natural tooth. To ensure a perfect fit, your dentist will grind down the affected tooth so it’s small enough for the veneer to fit over fully while still keeping enough of the remaining tooth that the veneer can be permanently adhered to it. 

When to Consider Veneers

Disguising discoloured or misshapen teeth with veneers is aesthetically appealing and effective, but it is also costly because it is a permanent cosmetic procedure. Our friendly front desk staff at Norgate Dental will happily review your insurance policy with you to see what might be covered for your dental needs.  

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