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At Norgate Dental, we often see patients whose teeth are starting to abnormally shift, which can happen if you’ve lost teeth naturally or have received a full tooth extraction. A dental bridge offers a convenient solution for protecting the empty sockets left behind, as they would otherwise give your teeth room to shift and crowd into a crooked smile. 

How Does a Dental Bridge Work? 

Think of a dental bridge as a seat filler for your missing teeth, expertly crafted to look and feel like the teeth you’ve lost. Your dentist will custom-fit a dental bridge to mimic your tooth structure, making sure that it looks natural and feels comfortable. 

Why Dental Bridges are Effective

Once the dental bridge is complete, it is cemented to the surrounding teeth (whether they are natural teeth or dental implants), and once it has been adhered to your teeth, your tailor-made dental bridge will help you be able to speak, eat and smile through life with ease.

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