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Tooth Extractions in North Vancouver

Nurture your natural smile at Norgate Dental with purposeful teeth extractions. Depending on the nature of your oral health concerns and what is causing pain or discomfort, a full tooth extraction might be the most effective option for maintaining your dental health. Dental trauma, severe decay, impacted wisdom teeth, deteriorated teeth or extra teeth are all common dental issues that may require this type of treatment.  

What Happens When My Tooth is Pulled?

First, your dentist will assess the damage on your tooth visually and with x-rays, ruling out every avenue for restoration before determining that a full tooth extraction is the best option for your health and budget. 

After your tooth extraction, your dentist will review various restoration treatments to fill in the gap with an aesthetic and functional appliance such as a dental implant, dental bridge, or dentures. Our team at Norgate Dental will work with you to choose the best restoration method for your needs.

When Teeth Extractions Are Your Best Option

At Norgate Dental, our team of highly trained dentists and dental hygienists take a compassionate approach to your oral healthcare. While we aim to preserve your natural teeth as much as possible, sometimes a tooth extraction is the most cost-effective and viable option to save your smile. Talk to our friendly front desk staff if you’re curious about teeth extraction procedures!

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