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Dental Fillings in North Vancouver

A dental filling is a preventative dental treatment that protects your teeth against harmful bacteria, which can lead to irreversible decay. As long as you keep up with your oral hygiene routine and annual dental exams, our team at Norgate Dental will be able to stop tooth decay in its tracks by applying a restorative dental filling.

How do Dental Fillings Save My Smile? 

If you leave cavities untreated, your teeth can quickly deteriorate down to their inner tooth pulp, which is extremely susceptible to bacteria and infection. At Norgate Dental, we are able to perform dental filling procedures quickly and efficiently to minimize your pain and discomfort. 

Our experienced dental professionals simply fill any small holes (cavities) we can find with a white resin compound to keep bacteria out without sacrificing a natural look. 

Take Care of Your Teeth with Dental Fillings

Non-invasive dental fillings can effectively protect your teeth from long-term damage without breaking your budget. If you are experiencing any tooth sensitivity or notice any small holes in your teeth, book a routine oral health exam at Norgate Dental to find out if you may need a dental filling! 

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