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Laser Dentistry in North Vancouver

Laser dentistry is a low-impact treatment option used to treat gum disease, cavities, and other oral health problems. A laser uses tightly focused light beams which can reshape or remove small pieces of tissue, which is highly effective in dentistry. Your dentist may recommend laser treatment to remove excess tissue in your mouth, reshape your gums, or even whiten your teeth. Laser dentistry is also an ideal option for children due to its minimal impact. 

Laser Cavity Preparation

Our dentists use hart tissue lasers to prepare teeth with cavities for dental fillings. With a hard laser, our dentists can accurately cut through the hard enamel and bone of your teeth, effectively cleaning out cavity areas in preparation for a filling. Lasers offer precision, reduced healing time, and a cleaner mouth overall. If you require dental fillings, ask our dentists about laser dentistry.

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