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TMD/TMJ Devices in North Vancouver

If you suffer from jaw pain, neck discomfort or headaches, you may have a Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD). This type of pain and discomfort can become chronic if left untreated, and at Norgate Dental, we offer expertly crafted dental devices that are designed to alleviate these symptoms. Occlusal splints, dental night guards and sleep apnea devices are all potential options depending on your unique needs. 

What are TMJ and TMD?

TMD stands for Temporomandibular Disorders, particularly affecting the TMJ (or Temporomandibular Joint). Your TMJ connects your upper jaw to your lower jaw, controlling everyday motions like chewing and talking. 

You may have TMD if you regularly experience pain in the neck and jaw, headaches, jaw stiffness, and unusual clicking or popping sounds in the joint.

Treating TMD at Norgate Dental

If you think you might have TMD, visit us at Norgate Dental for a comprehensive oral exam that will include a physical assessment of the jaw joints, head, neck, and ears, as well as a new set of x-rays. From clenching and grinding your teeth to unrelenting jaw and neck pain, be sure to contact us if you’ve been experiencing any TMD symptoms. 

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