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A root canal is a historically nerve-wracking dental procedure, but thanks to modern technology and advancements in diagnostic imaging, our experienced dentists have all the right tools to ensure you are comfortable and taken care of from start to finish. Your teeth are our priority; we will always do our best to preserve the natural tooth after a root canal with a protective crown that your dentist will place over the tooth once the procedure is finished. 

Do I Really Need a Root Canal? 

When the root of your tooth is exposed to bacteria and food particles, it can become inflamed or infected very quickly, which is when your dentist would perform a root canal procedure. The pain from a root infection is constant and unwavering, so our dental team will book you in for a routine root canal procedure as soon as possible to remedy your discomfort and save your natural tooth.   

How Do I Prevent a Root Infection?

Because root infections are commonly caused by a build-up of bacteria on the gum line that infiltrates the nerves, following a proper dental hygiene routine and showing up for your scheduled dental appointments can help prevent the need for a root canal procedure.

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