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Traditional Orthodontics in North Vancouver

Sometimes patients may need a more complex approach to straighten their smile, which can require traditional metal braces to create the best results! Like so many dental treatments, traditional braces have seen many technological advancements and improvements to minimize invasion and discomfort through the teeth-straightening process. 

If you are considering braces for your child to straighten their smile or correct their bite, or if you are looking to refresh your smile in adulthood, our specialists at Norgate Dental have your orthodontic needs covered.  

What Makes Traditional Orthodontics Effective?

It often takes some time to fully correct common orthodontic concerns like crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. To effectively treat these issues, we may bond tried-and-true brackets directly to the front of the teeth, connecting them with wires to create tension for the bone to follow. 

This method of using metal wires and brackets is timeless and very effective as it works to shift your teeth smoothly into alignment through a series of visits to Norgate Dental. Our dental team will gradually tighten the braces accordingly, leaving you with the smile you’ve always dreamed of. 

Ask Norgate Dental About Traditional Orthodontics Today

If you’re curious about using traditional orthodontics to address concerns about your teeth, or your child’s teeth, book a visit with us at Norgate Dental and we will walk you through your options to determine the best course of treatment for you and your family.

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